Samsung Galaxy S10 Tipped to Sport Triple Camera Setup

- June 26, 2018
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Samsung Galaxy S10 Tipped to Sport Triple Camera Setup: In 2019, Samsung is also going to be on Huawei's footsteps, it is coming out that the Samsung Galaxy S10 is going to be launched in three different variants just like the Huawei P20 series. A variant of this can be launched with three cameras. Similar things are coming out in many reports. 

According to the ETNews website recently, the upcoming flagship device Samsung Galaxy S10 can be launched in three different variants. However, while talking about ongoing trends, it is being discussed that it is being launched in two variants.
Similar to some Huawei has also launched this year with the Huawei P20 series, the device has been launched by the company in three different variants, this is one of the most reputable devices Huawei P20 Lite, which is only Rs 19,999/$293 in India Apart from this, its Pro Variants have been launched at Rs 64,999/$953 and its mid-range variants have not yet been launched in India.

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It may be noted that recently another news was also saying that in the Samsung Galaxy S10 device, the 3D face scanning feature can be included in place of the iris scanner. Take a look at a report by The Bell and tell you that Samsung Galaxy S10 is going to be the first smartphone from the company, which can be launched with in-display fingerprint sensor. Apart from this, this device is just not going to happen. The company has shared this device with an Israeli company, Mattis, which is working on 3D face scanning, it is very similar to Apple's iPhone X.

If Samsung is successful in this work, it can be said that the company can remove the Iris scanner from the device. This will lead to weight and cost savings.
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