30 Most important URLs That Every Google User Should Know

- December 17, 2017
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30 Most Important Google URLs: Google keeps all the records of your account activities- what’re you searching? What’re you downloading? What password are you making for different accounts? And many more things you’ve done on Google’s platform, it keeps everything. 
30 most important urls

For the security issues and situation of losing data summery from your device, it has a backup system to download all your Google Data anytime you want. Well, the question is- where to find all those stuffs? Where does Google keep list of every word that you’ve ever typed in Google search box? Where you get visited recently?... Keeping all these queries in mind, Here we are going to post about  30 most important Google URLs that make it easy to find your data and get it to easily backup.

30 Most Important Google URLs:
30 most important google urls

Google stores all the list of your username and passwords that you make before visiting various websites. Using this URL you’ll redirect to the Google’s website where you find a list of all stored passwords.

This URL link helps you to Takeout your all Data from Google ecosystem. You can easily to download your Google Photos, contacts, Gmail messages, and even your YouTube Videos. It allow you to export your activities.

You know? Google creates a profile of you on the bases of site you visit, Topics you like, guessing you age, gender and interest. Just use this data to serve you relevant ads on the page. For the example, when you watch a video on YouTube, they’re working to include topics from other Google services. Use to this link to know how Google sees you on the web.

Google record every search terms you’ve ever to type in search box before for the purposes to make search faster and get customized experience in search, maps, now, and other Google products. This URL help you to find all time search history.

Want to know more about Voice and YouTube history? Click to the below links
youtube.com/feed/history (YouTube searches and watched videos)

This URL help if you have multiple accounts for other workout, you can setup your main Gmail account as your trusted contact for your secondary accounts. Google will keep sending reminder every few months to login to your other account. In addition of, if you’re unexpectedly unable to use your Google account, such as in the event of an accident or death, you can decide when Google should consider your account to be active and what we do with your data afterwards. You can share it with someone you trust or ask Google to delete.
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If you’re worried about your Google Account security that do not hack somewhere. Here is the best trick to see your account security information, with this URL you able to see, which devices are connected to your Account. You also can see the IP Address and real geographic location of the device.

If you’re facing problem to find your phone, the Google device manager can help you to locate the device where it to put on. You can ring the device, see the location and erase the phone data remotely. You can even find the IMEI Number of the phone from your Google Account.

8. goo.gl –URL Shortener
This is Google’s URL shortener page that provide shorten feature to make short a long URL quickly. And it keep save the history that you make short a URL for using past time. Simply paste the URL in the box and click to Shorten URL.

9. google.com/edu/ -For Education
This URL will take you to Google for Education page. Here you can make purchase of education apps, gadgets, accessories etc. you can even hire a trainer here. It provide to access world computing class with Chromebook.

 10. firebase.google.com  – Build app fast
This URL helps to those who are in app development field. It provide users functionality like analytics, database, messaging, and crash reporting so they can move quickly and focus on their users. Firebase is built on Google infrastructure and scales automatically, for even largest apps.
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11. google.com/bookmark/ -Google Bookmark

By visiting URL you can check all your saved locations on Google Maps. You can add bookmark, export it and can delete.
You already know about this URL what kind of work can be done with. If you don’t have Gmail ID, you can create for free. It provides you to a good space (15GB) for free to store your emails.
Google customizes the Google Logo with adorable doodles depending on the occasion or festival. You can check the whole history of Google Doodle usage from the given URL.
This Google tool page allows to recheck the places and routes you have visited. You can also change , delete location, or the entire location history. It can also be enabled or disabled.
This tool help if someone to using your content with any platform or Google services (Google plus, search engine etc.), you can make a report to Google find to spam. This URL tool lets you to complaint about content (Harassment, social abuse, racism etc.)
This URL helps you to search and find a job. You can also apply for the job right from there, and you need to add your resume, contact information, education, work experience etc.
17.  play.google.com/music/ -Google Play Music
If you are crazy about to listen music then visit this URL to enjoy your favourite music online. This is free and paid music store of millions of songs and it allow you to listen across all of your devices on Android, iOS and the web. Download anything and listen even when you’re not connected with internet.
This URL redirect you to the world’s best translator because it helps you to understand and communicate in over 100 language around the world. You can use your keyboard to translate any language, and if you not do any hard work to type then you just can talk in its talk machine, use camera to capture, draw letters or characters with your finger. It also comes with app that you can download from playstore.
This URL allows you to search for flights quickly. Here you can search, explore and Tracked you flight. It provides you all information about stops, airlines, class, time and more.
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This URL allows you to set alerts for desired brands, products, companies, politics, sports, health, automobile, programming and many more thing. You can keep yourself updated receiving the alerts from Google.
Using this URL you can see the list of apps that you have authorized access to your Google Account. You can check the detail what they can access, and can also remove them if you no longer use or trust with your information.
If you are regularly to keep changing your website’s content font style then this URL can help in this activity. Google provides the full instruction and the code that you can use on your website.
If you have recently deleted your Google Account and now change the idea to get it again then this URL will reach out on the page where from you can recover it from a certain period of time. However, it’s almost impossible to recover to Google+ Account.
Google drive is the best place to safe your files. You make to provide more than 15GB of free online storage, so you can keep photos, stories, designs, recordings, videos. You can access your uploaded files from computer, PC, mobile and tablet anywhere you go your file comes in your hand.
This is the social media URL of Google. This allow you to share your thoughts and updates like Facebook and Twitter. You can also create your own community and can join any page. It is very helpful to promote your website and business.
If you wants to learn about the privacy of Google then this URL take you to the point where you can know how Google managed you data, how you can control your privacy, how ads work and so on you can find here.
27. google.com/landing/2step/ -stronger security of your Google Account
This URL allows you to create two factor authentication for your Google Account. It will increase your account security, and every time you try to login from an unusual place or device, two factor authentication will take effect.
 If you are looking for some awesome apps for your ChromeBook or Google Chrome browser then visit the given URL, and you can download so many apps, and works with Google Chrome Browser.
Using this URL you able to see trending search queries and topics. It will help you to be aware of what other people are most interested in around the world.

To making another Google account using your existing email address, this URL help you to redirect this service. You only need to try same Gmail address to open Another Google Account with another username.
Want to make your career with Google? For this you should visit on this URL and explore the career opportunity what many people dream of. Google should be a place where people from different background and experience come to do their work.

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