10 Types of computer viruses that everyone should know about

- November 30, 2017
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10 Most dangerous computer virus

Often you might have heard that the pen drive has a virus or the computer has a virus. But have you ever wondered what is the work of these viruses and why are people afraid of them? So let's tell you. Actually the virus is a program, then sits quietly in other electronics devices including your computer, laptop or mobile and takes control over your device. It stealthily steals data from you and steals your personal information and then misuses it.

Many times these viruses shook the whole world's technology world. One such ransomware came recently, which caused damage to 150 countries around the world. Not only this, hackers also hacked the Commissions and asked for a ransom of millions of rupees. This case of virus attack was not the first. Even before, some of the RanSware and Malware's people have been extremely tight at times globally. Next we have mentioned 10 dangerous wires that shook the technology world in the last few years.

What is difference between calf and ransomware

While you may hear about viruses every day, there is a mention of Ransomware with viruses. In such a case, it is necessary to ask the question that what is the difference between the virus and the ransomware? So let me tell you that both of them are viruses. The way to get into a device is the same. But viruses work to steal data from your phone and use it incorrectly, while the ransomware creates your rights on your device and encrypts the files so that you can not even open it. After this you demand ransom. If you do not pay the ransom, you will delete all files from your phone.

1. Vanakrai
At present, this is the most dangerous RanSware that has recently brought the cyber world to its share. More than 150 countries around the world were affected by this, in which India was also one. Hackers asked for ransom after having control over the system.

2. Cryptolocker 2.0
On September 5, 2013, this virus had made people extremely tight. This made Windows Computer a special target. A mail was sent to the people with the email attachment, which was controlled by the computer as soon as it was opened. At the same time, it also sent a message, asking for a ransom from Bitquine.

3. The chest
This virus was devastated in April 2016. This virus took its effects very quickly and destroyed the entire boot system. The master of the affected system would write the boot record overwritten by the custom boot loader and encrypt the file so that you can not open any files available on your PC.

4. Locky
In February 2016 this RanSware had put people in the possession. The payment invoice was also attached to this virus sent with the email. Macros were sent along with the mail, which if the user was able, they would have taken their rights to the macron device, and run the binary file and downloaded the trojan which would encrypt all the files. You could not open the files present in the system.

5. Cryptowl
In 2014, this virus scared people very much. This virus also made its way into computers via email, add or any website. Once the virus came, then it encrypted the files available in the computer and asked for a ransom to decrypt it.

6. Jiggs
In the year 2016, this virus also troubled people. It did not encrypt files, but was deleted. Earlier, it used to enter the computer and make its penetration and after that money was asked for payment. If not doing this, it would delete the file from device every hour. However, in some days the solution of this virus was detected.

7. CryptxX 3.0
The virus of the third edition of the cryptic family was extremely dangerous. In the year 2016, it had made its entry in many countries. In the name of giving discounts to Christmas and such other arapers, it made its penetration in the computer and encrypted the files there. After this, when you went to open the necessary files you were asked for a huge amount.

8. Sarbar
This virus was created by Cyber ​​Criminals. It was able to encrypt JPEG, Document and Raw files available in the device. These viruses used to make their home in the system through advertising or mail, and as soon as they had the right they used to red out the desktop wallpaper. From this it was understandable that the virus has been attacked in the device. After this, a considerable amount of money was sought from the user.

9. Chimera
This RanSware made many people their victims in November 2015. In the increasing trends of Affiliated Marketing, he made this trick his weapon and troubled the people very much. Greeding to earn money through unfaltered marketing, it used to send code to the phone which used to encrypt the device. After this they used to demand ransom money

10. Dogsppectus
Last year, this RanSware was also in a lot of discussion. The special thing is that it made the Android device its target. By using music, photos or any other medium, these viruses made their way into the phone and after this, encrypting the phone was asking for a 200 US dollar iTunes gift.
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