How to make Secret video without Opening Phone Camera

- December 02, 2017
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How to make a video without open Phone's Camera? As we all know that in order to take photos from the phone, we have to turn on the camera. But we are going to tell you a trick, which allows you to make video recording and taking photos without opening the camera. The interesting thing is that the person you are photographing or making a video will not be able to understand it at all. You can do this in a few easy ways.

Step 1- First install the Spy Camera OS 3 from Google Play Store. 

Step 2- After installing this app, you will be asked for permission to access the phone which is allowed.

Step 3 - After the permission of the app, the app will open in front of you. This app will appear at the bottom of your phone screen.

Step 4- There are many options in the app. By clicking Capture's option, you can take a picture.

Step 5- In addition, you can also make video by clicking on Video option in the app.

Step 6- This app creates a folder named Scos in your phone gallery in which these photos and videos are saved.

Step 7- If you do not want to tap the photo again and again, you can select option of AUTO in it. After that, the photo will be clicked every 2 seconds.

Step 8- You can change the front and back camera by clicking on the switch in the app.

Step 9-App has a MINIMIZE option, which clicking on this app disappears from your phone's screen. But you can press the VOLUME button and take a photo as well as create a video.

Step 10 - You click on the settings on the right in the app. You can also hide this folder from your phone gallery by clicking Hide Spycamera Folder in Galary here.

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