15 Android Tricks You do Not Know you can do

- November 30, 2017
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The Android operating system is extremely detailed and can not be fully understood at one time. This is the reason why we give you some information related to the mobile phone that you can use with your Android smartphone. Not only this, these tricks also increase the usefulness of your phone. Even today, we are going to tell you 15 Android tricks of Android phones you do not know about.

1. Developers Mode

Developers on Android smartphones have a very special feature of work. With this you can make many major changes to your phone's UI. This feature is quite hidden. To add developers mode to the Android phone, you have to go to the phone settings and choose from about the phone. In this, you will see the built number, click on it until the message of developers' message to be un-received. After this you have to come back in settings again, there will be developers mode.

2. Animation Scale

If you are feeling a little lag in the phone then you can fix it with the Anim Animation Scale. You have to disable the animation scale by going to your phone's settings. However this feature is a bit hidden. In this case, first of all, you have to add developers' options, which we have mentioned above. After this, in developers mode, you will see the window animations scale, the translation animation scale and the Animator Duration Scale option. Here we have to cover all the three options.

3. Default App Change

Many times when you click on a web link, it opens in the Chrome browser, in the same way, photos and videos in the Android Photo Viewer and also in the default video player of the phone. But you can change the default app if you wish. For this, you have to go to Settings first and then choose that app session. Then click on the app whose default you have to change. Click the clear default option in the bottom.

4. Quick Access Settings Menu

There are notifications in the top of the phone screen that you have to swipe through to see. At the same time you swipe down from the top then the settings menu comes up. But in order to bring quick settings at once
Swipe with fingers. It comes when swiping with three fingers in a new phone, while screenshots will come in the old phone if you swipe with three fingers.

5. Cast Screen

You have heard the name of screen cast and screen mirror but how do we do it and what is the use of it? Let's talk. In a screencast or mirroring, you can cast your phone content to the TV. You can take advantage of the movie by playing movies or games in the phone and enjoy it. However, for this, you have to use a device like Cast Support or Google Chrome Cast in the TV. After this, you have to go to the phone settings and then enclose the screen cast. Remember that phone and chrome cast during this time will work only when connected to internet.

7. App Notification Management

There are many such apps in which you do not want to send notifications so you can block the notifications of those apps. For one, you have to go to settings, block the notification from the app, or you have to touch it for some time on that notification. You will have notification settings open before you can manage from here.

8. Zoom to one hand with map

When you are using the phone with both hands, you can use up pinch to zoom for Google Maps, but with one hand it is difficult to zoom while using the phone. In this case, you can double zoom to the map. Tap on the place where you have to zoom.

9. Do Not Disturb

Sometimes you are in important work, there are such places or you are sleeping, at that time you do not want to be a bit too loud. In such a way, it is not necessary to call the phone but you can choose Do not Disturb. In it your phone will also be there, all kinds of messages will also come and call but also there will be no noise. The option of Do Not Disturb will be to press Volume Button.

10. Smart Lock

This feature is also of great work. Through it, you can keep your phone safe and save time too. You can set the option of Trusted Place in your phone. The place you choose in Trusted Place will unlock the phone itself and lock it out of the area itself. Just like the house you have chosen Trusted Place, the phone itself will be unlocked as soon as you come home. Not only Smart Lock can set your face. Your phone will open only when you see your face. Not from the face of the other. Even if there is a fingerprint sensor, you can set a trusted face. The option of Smart Lock will be available in security by going to the phone's settings.

11. Screen pinning

This feature is also special in terms of security. But there is a different way of enabling and abusing it. To do the screen pinning, you first have to go to the phone's settings. Here's the choice of security. Underneath it will get the option of screen pinning down. Now come home and open the app that has to pin. Then click the Task Manager button. All applications will appear here and at the top you will see the app you want to pin. There will also be a pin with the app. You have to touch that pin. With that the app will open up front and then only that app can be used.

12 Play phone in safe mode

If ever you feel that the phone is hanging or getting hot, safe mode can detect the problem. Sometimes the problem is with the app and sometimes from the software. If you call the phone in safe mode, the third party app does not work here, so if your phone is working correctly in safe mode, then understand that there is a problem with installed app and uninstall it. If your phone is also having trouble in safe mode, then take it to the service center. To bring the phone to safe mode first, first fill the phone and press the power off button for a long time. Your phone will start in safe mode.

13. Find out about your phone

You can take many special information by dialing * # * # 4636 # * # * in your Android phone. Just like battery status, DNS check, ping, and application usage time. This code is very useful.

14. WiFi Change

In the phone, you can do WiFi and browse from the Quick Settings, but when you have to change the WiFi network, then the old way is to go to Settings and scan it all over WiFi with network and then change the network but the easy way That's where you go to Quick Settings and keep on touching WiFi for a while. With this, all the networks will be exposed and you can change the WiFi network.

15. USB debugging

Sometimes your phone does not connect to the computer via USB. In such a way, you can debug debugging. To debug debugging, you first have to add developers mode. First of all, we have taught it only. Once the developers have moved on, you have to go into it and scroll down a bit. Here you will get the option of debugging. Even if you install some apps from the PC in mobiles, you also need to display the option of de-bugging. In the debugging, the computer receives full access to the phone via USB.
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