Know what Facebook can see Inside Your Photographs

- December 10, 2017
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When you upload any Image on your Facebook Account, Facebook look actual content of the photographs and try to determine what thing and objects are inside the Image. Though you do not palace any description, status or comment yet Facebook can recognize what that picture is all about.


What Facebook can see Inside your Photographs? We all know that facebook is the great platform for sharing photographs. For the last few years we have seen that there are a lot of different changes in Facebook’s App and website. If we talk about its photo recognition feature then it to come out clean in this field. Photo recognition feature is amazing.  Here we are not talking about Face recognition feature of facebook we just talk about how Facebook apprize our photo and how to mention it in own words.

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When we uploads a photo on facebook with having dinner, playing with kids, enjoy nature or many other activities you have done inside image, Facebook can accurately figure it out from the photo itself.

Know what Facebook can see inside your photographs

If you’re curious about how much information does Facebook keep about our photos, here is an easy way to view that all photo’s data.

1. Open your photographs on the facebook website using your computer screen.

2. Click on enlarge button to view in full screen.

3. Right click the image and choose Inspect to open this trick work in all modern web browsers.

4. Look at the alt attribute of the image tag* and you will find the description of the image. 

5. Here you can find all information about your photos.
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You can see in the image that there are 10 people inside it with smiling, sitting and this was preferred also in the image, looking at red underline text.

For another example I have put an image of my sister’s child which had to wear a hat, standing. And accurate thing you can see in the screenshot with red underline.

You know, this tool was created by Github user for Google Chrome extension that takes away all the manual work and overlays the tags on the pictures without you having to hunt inside the developer tool.

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