How to Share Your Location Using Text Message On Android Phone

- November 23, 2018
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How to Share Your Location Using Text Message On Android Phone: It's really easy to tell about your exact location using the location sharing service. This amazing service is available on the most social platforms. This feature is dubbed in the default message on Google pixel devices.

However, you can also install third-party applications for the location sharing service. Map service is an outstanding resource for sharing that point where you are at that time. 

Now, this article discusses the fastest way to share location on text messaging on Android. There is a complete alternative way of completing many things in many ways. What you have to do now, you have to share your location on text messaging in the following way, and you will get a point immediately on the shared map. 

So if you are ready to discuss this method, please proceed, read the article till the end, and then after knowing the total information, just use the data. Just start from the bottom part!

How to quickly share your location in a text message on Android

The method is quite simple and in order to move forward, you have to follow the step-by-step guide below.
Steps to quickly share your location in text messaging on Android:

Step #1. First of all Install the Android Messaging app from Google Play Store. Just make sure you accept all the permissions and let the app install it properly on the device. This is a great message app that also has the task of sharing the location in the form of text messaging. Once you do this, go to one more step.
Step #2. After making the above steps, you choose to change your default message app in this app. This is necessary for each type of function to work on this device. Even if you are testing any feature for this messaging app, you have to make this app default; fulfill all requirements and then go to the next step.

Step #3. Open this messaging app now and then select to create a new message, select the contact for which you want to share the message, and then select that wonderful craft. Tap on the Plus icon and select the Location field below. This section enables you to share the location in contact as a text message on the same app.

Step #4. Your location search will be active, and after some time, your point will be located on the map. Just select your location and approve it for the message. Once approved, you will be able to get location thumbnails inside the message. Make sure you type the desired message with your desired location and finalize it.
Steps #5. Click the arrow button and then you will. Your location will be shared immediately at the other hand.

This is the reason that why it is the best way to move the location immediately to text messaging on Android. 

Hope you like the information on this page. We have tried to provide you with the best information about the post. We have provided the script in the most simple way. You can get the best reading experience to admire it, which comes in the following explanation for the biggest interpretation of data. 

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