Forget Samsung Galaxy X, Apple Is Developing A Foldable iPhone

- July 11, 2018
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Forget Samsung Galaxy X. Apple Is Developing A Foldable iPhone : News, reports, rumors and debates about the Foldable Smartphone have been running for a long time. But no propeller has come into the fashionable smartphone market yet. The news is that technology giant Apple is preparing to bring the Foldable iPhone or iPad.

Apple has recently got a patent whose title is Electronic Devices with Flexible Displays. From this title it appears that the company is working in this direction.

In this patent, it is written, "Electronic device can be hinged, which connects the device with Bend Axis, Bend Axis can also have a display. To turn around Bend Axis, there may be cover layers with grooves in the display.

It is worth noting that in November 2016, Apple had filed a patent in which the mention of the use of metal backed flagged Olead Panel was mentioned. They need to create a foldable smartphone.

According to this new patent, this concept is dependent on multiple flaggy elements in the middle of the device. Display of this concept will have several layers of display so that it can be easily folded and it works correctly. Especially where there is hinge for turning there.

When will this phone come, when it will be tested, no such information has been given by the company. But it is news that Samsung is preparing to bring a smartphone called Galaxy X, whose display can turn twisted. It would be interesting to see who wins in Apple and Samsung.

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