20 Android secret features

- November 28, 2017
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Do you know about these 20 android secret features? 
Android phones are in your hands, often you try to do something new to them. Can not sit blank on the phone. The reason for this is that there is so much to learn in Android phones that even if you use it for six months, there is still something left. There are many things in the phone that make you not only easy to use your phone, but also keep it safe. Next we have provided some of the features of Android phones that are very useful to you.
20 android secret feature

20 Android secret features:

1. Screen Search

To search for a word or anything in Google, you do not need to first open and type in the browser, but if you want to search something, then just touch something on it. In a few seconds, Google will see the option below. If you touch it then the search will start right there.

2. Use of endotable storage

You probably do not know that you can also use MicroSD in your phone as an internal memory. However this option is available in the Android operating system 6.0 Marshmallow or above. This feature is of great use in phones which have less memory available. You store other files in the card itself, including the operating system. You will find this option in the storage.

3. Screen pinning

Screen pinning is very special if you give your phone to someone else. If you ping the screen and give your phone to anyone, then the other person will have the right to use only that feature. Other features remain locked. To do the screen pinning, you first have to go to the phone's settings. Here's the choice of security, screen pinning option will be given below. Now come home and open the app that has to pin. Then click the Task Manager button and the pin will appear with that application here. You have to touch that pin. With that the app will open up front and then only that app can be used.

4. Do Not Disturb

Often it happens that you do not want to make any calls or you do not have any kind of messaging or notification ring in the phone. Often you want it when you are going to sleep or resting. Although it is not necessary that you phone the phone, you can choose Do not Distribute. In it your phone will also be there, all kinds of messages will also come and call but also there will be no noise. The option of Do Not Distribute will be to press Volume Button.

5. Smart Lock

You are at home and do not want to unlock the phone over and over again. In this way you can set the option of Trusted Place in your phone. The phone itself will be unlocked when coming home. So Smart Lock can set your face. Your phone will open up by seeing your face Not from the face of the other. Even if there is a fingerprint sensor, you can also set a trusted face. The option of Smart Lock will be available to you under security in settings.

6. Auto Photo Backup

The most space in the phone goes into photos and videos. In such a case, if your phone's memory is low then you can back up your photos on Google. Photos will have an Auto Backup option in the Gallery itself. Not only that, special thing can be said that you can also set the quality in Auto Backup that you need an Auto Backup in High Resolution. In the low resolution, the phone's memory will be quite empty. On Google Drive, you can back up to 15 GB

7. Disable or uninstall the blockware

When you shop for the phone, there are several such apps that are preloaded. Many of them are without work for you. These apps also work on the phone's internal memory, internet and battery sucking. In such a way, if you uninstall them then it is much better. Although some apps are not uninstalled. In this case, you can disable them so they can not use data and notifications.

8. Restricted back ground data

If you feel that the data of your phone is running fast, you can restart background data in the phone. This will not do the apps that are not using and are using the data. Data will be used only when you enlist the app. To restart background data, first you have to go to the phone settings and select data and go from there to the menu.

9. D Bugging

If your Android phone is not connecting properly to the Yusby, then you can use the De Bagging feature in your phone. Even if you want to fully control your Android phone through your PC, D buggy is useful for you.

10. Do Notifications Disable

Android phones get full of screen notifications. The most notices in it send news apps and ecommerce apps. In such a way, you can disable notifications from these apps. To do this, go to Settings and select the app. Then click the app whose notifications you want to turn off. Uncheck it at the top right only you will get the option of show notifications. With this you're done Many phones have different options for notifications, from which many app notifications can be turned off simultaneously.

11. Call Factory Reset

Your phone is hanging up, getting hot or being restarted again and again. You can diagnose these problems by resetting the factory. To reset the factory data to the phone, go to the settings of your phone and choose the backup and reset. Here you will find a factory reset option. You should definitely take a backup of the data data once you have reset the factory data.

12. Keep app update on manual mode

Often the data ends in the phone without doing anything and you can not understand why it is so. So let me know that this is because all the data on the phone goes into the update. So keep app updates on your manual mode. For this you have to go to the Play Store and click on the menu at the top left from there. In this below, you will get the option of ting. Here you will find the option of auto-update apps. Click it and set it to do not auto-update.

13. Ultra Power Saving Mode

Power saving mode is special in Android phones, but some phones have the option of ultra-saving mode. This mode will give you long backups in low battery. Although its feature is that it will keep the non-monochrome screen and give the option of enabling some required applications. If the battery is low and you want to run long, you can do this. This option will be found in the phone's settings and inside the battery inside the menu.

14. Developers' Options

Developers' options in Android smartphones are a very useful feature. With this feature you can fasten your phone. Can add some special features and remove some. By seeing this you will know how useful it is. To add developers' applications to Android phones, you have to go to the phone settings and choose from about the phone. In this, you will see the built number, click on it until the message of developers' message to be un-received. After the message arrives, this feature will appear in the settings itself.

15. Device Manager

This is one of the most essential features of android phones. Device Manager not only protects your phone but also prevents the data being available in the phone to be destroyed. If your phone has dropped somewhere then you can send a message back to your phone. Can see his location. Not only this, if you have accidentally placed the phone somewhere, you can also find it through Device Manager. The Device Manager feature in the phone will appear in the Ting from you, within the Security, Device Administrator. You have to keep him anan Remember that Device Manager will work only if you have integrated the Gmail service in your phone.

16. Offline Games

You probably do not know that a game is kept hidden in your Android phone. You can play it without internet and without it. Google offers great privacy to this game. To play it first you have to go to the phone's settings. From there you have to go through the phone and here you have to click on OS version for a while. Along with this, you will get the logo of Lollipop or Marshmelo. The game will be unlocked as long as you keep touching it and you can play it.

17. Developers' Options

This is a very useful feature in Android smartphones. In this you will get many work options so that you can change a lot in the phone's settings. To add developers' applications to Android phones, you have to go to the phone settings and choose from about the phone. In this, you will see the built number, click on it until the message of developers' message to be un-received. After the message arrives, this feature will appear in the settings itself.

18. Mock location

Today your Android phone and many other apps keep track of your location. In such a situation if you do not want any location to track, you can enclose the mock location. However, to bring this service you have to add developers' options which I have mentioned above. After learning in the developers' app, if you scroll down and some of them will come down, then you will see the option of mok location and you will see it. Nobody can trace your actual location after this.

19. Guest mode

For privacy and security, the guest mode feature can be very special in Android phones. This feature is very beneficial when you are giving someone your phone but do not want it to see your social networking, browsing history, messages and contacts. In such a way, you give the guesttom another and give it to another. You will find it in the quick setting of the phone.

20. Auto Data Backup

From today the phone has expensive phone data. In this way you can backup your phone's data and if you lose the phone then you can get back the data. For this you have to keep the data backup in the phone. Go to Settings for this. A backup and reset will show up here. Here the option of data backup will be given. Also, remember to note that your Gmail account is set in.
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