Best Tips to Take Professional Photographs from Your Mobile

- November 15, 2017
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Tips to take selfie

Nowadays social media platforms have become a trend to share their photos and stories related to life. Everyone wants to share special moments and post them well. For this, people used camera-focused smartphone so that they can click good photos. But even if you are not able to take good pictures then we are going to share some photography tips. With these tips you will be able to take better Photos.

Best Photography Tips to Take:

Panorama Mode:

Panorama mode in the phone can also be used to click pictures. Long shots can be taken in this. For this, the object needs to be fixed in advance. After moving out of the frame of the object, either pause the camera or slash it too much. Do this until the objects reach the other place.

Underwater Shooting:

If your camera is waterproof, then underwater shoots can also be captured by the best pictures. Earphones can be used if you want to take photos out of the water by putting the phone in water.

Use of Reflector:

When taking photos, use a reflector if the light is coming due to a side dark and a bright one. Foil paper can be used for this.

Use of HDR mode:

Nowadays, many modes are given in the phone's camera. They can be brought to better picture output. Turn ON your camera's HDR mode and click good pictures.

Tie the phone with the balloon:

You can get good shots by putting the timer on the phone with helium balloon. While doing this kind of photography, keep the phone's search option open.

Macro Shots:

For this kind of photography, laser pointer or pocket flashlight lens will be installed on the camera lens with the help of a pin or cello tap. Great macro pictures can be taken from this.

Make eye glasses Polarized filters

For this you have to take your sunglasses in front of the phone's camera and take a photo. For this, glasses should be polarized.

Use of Plus Button:

You can also use the + button used to increase the volume of the smartphone to full selfie. With this, the phone can also be clicked on the phone by pressing its headphones. With this, shake hands are less likely to get blurred photos.

Hands Free Selfie:

The picture often becomes blurred without taking a selfie-stick. In this case fold the plastic card twice and make the stand. Put the phone in such a way that the phone will stand. In this way, a good selfie can be taken by putting a timer.

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