How to keep your digital file safe

- November 17, 2017
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How to safe digital files
Despite the volume of traffic on the Internet, if you are sharing anything online, then there is a complete possibility of hacking. For this you need to encryption. Through this, it can not be cracked, not only ordinary but also on fastest computers and networks. If you have anything digital then it needs to be cleaned. That's why we are telling you how to protect your digital files:

How to keep your digital file safe:

1. Encrypt files before sharing

We most of us do not think about this, but before sharing the file with anyone, we should encrypt it. Good news for you is that encryption is an easy process. All you have to do is to use the encryption feature on file sharing website. You must choose an option to encrypt it before sending any mail. Apart from this, you can also use platforms like,,,, Encrypto.

2. Encryption on the Cloud
For this, you have to use the service called Boxcryptor, which supports most cloud storage providers. It also works on all desktop and mobile platforms.

3. Make Your Email Safe

The service named SendSafely makes your emails safe. It offers end-to-end encryption so you can send your mail more securely. You can even use it on services like Outlook and Gmail. Its free version will give you about 50MB of features per month.

4. Create your information from these tools Secret

Many times it happens that we have to share information such as ATM PIN and credit card details with friends. But after sharing such information, we have to change many passwords. You can get rid of the hassle of changing passwords repeatedly using the tools named PrivNote. Through this, you can send a note which gets deleted as you read it. In addition you can also make this note  password. This service is also available in which it tells you by mail that the note sent by you has been destroyed.

5. Encrypt Gmail

If you use Gmail, there should be information about the CryptUp tool which also works on the Chrome browser. You can use this tool for end-to-end encryption in the Gmail Inbox. As soon as you add it to the extension, a 'Secure Compose' button appears in front of Gmail's normal compose button. Through this, you can encrypt your attachment.
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