How to Repair Courrupted SD Card (Memory Card)

- November 15, 2017
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How to fix Corrupted SD card

what is the solutions for SD card if it not showing in your computer or mobile phone? How to fix this problem? Altogether, we introduce some quick fixes that are supposed to solve the problem.

SD Card Recovery: How to Fix Corrupted SD Card

Today MicroSD card is considered the best medium of data store. The most important thing about this device can be easily transfer data. Just took the card from one phone and put it in another phone. There is no hassle of internet and computer. This is the reason why people like to use the most things they use in memory cards. 

But sometimes the problem starts with the MicroSD card. If the  computer does not detect it, it will never let the file open. In such a situation, you think that the card has worn out and makes a mind to take a new one. But let me tell you that the memory card is not bad quickly and if there is a little problem, you can easily fix SD Card, we have explained this method further.

Take Data Backup First

If there is a problem with your phone's memory card and you are going to repair it, then first of all, backup the memory card data backup. Because during this time if your phone has data then it can also be destroyed. Back up your data on the desktop or in a phone.

Recover from Windows Computer

Solution 1: 

Many times it happens that the memory card does not show up on the computer and in the mobile. First of all, you put your card in a computer or laptop. If the card is showing and it is not working then
1. First, move the cursor over the card and right click.
2. Here you will get the option to explore, click it.
3. Now you will find the option of proportion below, click it.
4. In it you will see a tab named tool, click it and click check now arrow.

If there is a small problem in the card then your PC will fix it automatically. After this you will be able to access the data available in the card.

Solution 2: 

If you are putting a card in a computer or laptop and it is not showing that which is also the way it is.

1. First, open the phone in the system manager on your computer.

2. After this you have to click on disk management. If you have Windows 10 then right-click on My PC will get the option of Managing. You have to click on that.
3. After this all the available disk lists available on your laptop or PC will come to the left. On the right you will see a MicroSD card.
4. You have to right click on it.
5. Here you will find the option of change drive letter and path, click it.
6. A new window will open here and you will get the option to add it. Clicking on it, you can name the drive in an alphabet. Along with this you have got to work as soon as you finish.

Now when you go to My PC, you will see the MicroSD card.

Do not show file then repair from software

If the above methods are not of any use, then one can resort to software. Disk Diger is a very great software. Its trial version is available for free while there are several additional features available with Paid Edition. The biggest feature of this app is that it is capable of repairing delet and corrupt data along with the card repair.

To repair the card from DiskDiger software, first you need to

1. Install it on your PC and then start the program.
2. Here you will get the option of device selection. You have to choose MicroSD card.
3. You need to next-set three times and this software will scan your card. It takes a little while, but in some cases all the files will appear in your card. If you want, copy the file from there and keep it elsewhere.

Repair SD Card With Mobile

If you do not have a PC then you can also repair your card from mobile and here you will also help the DiskDigger app. However, if your phone is rooted then this app will work better otherwise you can use the Pro version of DiskGig for a phone without root.


If you have backed up the data and despite having tried all the above tricks, there is a problem with the memory card, then form it format which is much better. He will work in a completely new way. You can connect to the computer and format it at Fat 32.
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