Best Use of Apple Smartwatch

- December 04, 2017
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Best use of Apple Smartwatch. Watch nowadays is just for time to see, but it is also used for many more things. Apple Watch is an example of this. Not only can you send text, but also many tasks related to your work can be accomplished. If you also have an Apple Watch, then we are going to tell you some of its secret tips that will help you to use it even better.

best use of apple smart watch

Scale your Heart Rate: Most Users know that the heart rate can be measured only by the exercise app. But there is another way to do it. Heart rate may be detected by swiping the face up once and swiping once or twice to the right-left. Tapping the screen until you see the Heart Reader screen.

Customize the app screen: Apple Watch's app screen can be customized. The screen can be customized through the app. With this you can also take a screenshot of the screen. It works just like the iPhone. Press the power button and crown together. After this the screen will flash and the screenshot will be saved on the app.

GPS Announce Apps: Watch does not have inbuilt GPS. In such cases, GPS anables apps like Runkeeper, Map My, and Strava can be used.
Crown: To access or run anything, it is not necessary to stay in the menu. It also has a shortcut. Double-tap Crown fast, you will get the last used app.

Generic message: Message reply can not be typed on Apple Watch, and users do not want to direct Siri every time. But this is also a remedy. You can write a generic message and send it from the watch. 

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