Top 10 Most Viewed Videos on YouTube of All Time

- December 19, 2017
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video sharing website YouTube is the most popular ways to listen music and watch video online. Between 2005 to 2011 no video yet to hit the record of 1 billion view, but in 2012 ‘Gangnam style’ is the first video which cross this limit and make a new record on YouTube. For the 5 years and a lot of iconic dancing later, PSY was sitting right at the top of YouTube’s most viewed of all Time list with 3.026 Billons views.

But now, it has finally been overtaken in the YouTube rankings for the first in this year and it’s another music video that has taken the title.

Daspacito has overtaken all the video songs (mostly overtaken Wiz Khlifa & Gangnam Style) as the most watched YouTube video of all time. Music video by ‘Luis Fonsi ft Daddy Yanki’ performing ‘Despacito’ is situated on the top with 4.531 Billion views (Dec 2017).

Since now, here are dozens of videos have taken a billion view and some bit with two & three billion mark. At the time of writing, here are the 10 most watched videos of all time. Let’s start to look on:

Most viewed videos on YouTube
Most Viewed Videos on YouTube

10. “Blank Space”- Taylor Swift

YouTube Views:  2.233 Billion
Artist:  Taylor Swift (American Singer)
Language:   English
Length:   3:51 minute
Released:  Nov 10, 2014
Song Writer:  Taylor Swift, Max Martin, Shellback

9. “Roar”- Katy Perry

YouTube Views:  2.375 Billion
Artist:   Katy Perry (American Singer)
Language:  English
Length:   3:42 minute
Released:  March, 2013
Song Writer:  Katy Perry, Lukasz Gottwald, Max Martin n Various

8. “Bailando”- Enrique Iglesias

YouTube Views:  2.444 Billion
Artist:  Enrique Iglesias
Featuring:  Sean Paul, Descemer Bueno n Gente De Zona
Language:  Spanish
Length:  4:03 minutes
Released:   April 2014
Song Writer:   Enrique Iglesias, Descemer Bueno n Various

7. “Shake It Off”- Taylor Swift

YouTube Views:  2.456 Billion
Artist:  Taylor Swift (American Singer)
Language:  English
Length:   3.39 minute
Released:   Aug 2014
Song Writer:  Taylor Swift, Max Martin, Shellback

6. “Sugar”- Martoon 5

Youtube Views:  2.463 Billion           
Artist:  Martoon 5 (American Pop Rock Band)           
Language:    English Music
Length :  5:01 minute      
Released :  July 2014    
Song Writer:  Mike Ponsner, Andam Levine, Dr. Luke, Jakob 

5. “Up Town Funk”- Mark Ronson

YouTube Views:  2.825 Billion           
Artist:  Mark Ronson  
Featuring:  Bruno Mars        
Language:  English    
Length:  4:30 minute   
Released:  Nov 2014    
Song Writer:  Bruno Mars 

4. “Sorry”- Justin Bieber

YouTube Views:  2.850 Billion           
Artist:  Justin Bieber          
Language:  English     
Length:  3:20 minute      
Released:  Oct 2015       
Song Writer:  Justin Bieber, Julia Michaels, Justin Tranter

3. “Gangnam Style”- PSY

YouTube Views:  3.020 Billion           
Artist:  PSY           
Language:  Korean     
Length:  3:39 minute        
Released:  July 2012    
Song Writer:  Park Jae-Sang 

2. “See You Again”- Wiz Khlifa

YouTube Views:  3.280          
Artist:  Wiz Khlifa (American Rapper)    
Featuring:  Charlie Puth      
Language:  English      
Length:  3:49 minute        
Released:  March 2015     
Song Writer:  Adrew Ceder, Justin Fraks   

1. “Despascito” – Luis Fonsi

YouTube Views:  4.531 Billion          
Artist:  Puerto Rican Singer Luis Fonsi
Featuring:  Daddy Yanki          
Language:  American Spanish     
Length:  3:47 minute        
Released:  Jan 2017     
Song Writer:  Luis Rodriguez, Erika Ender, Ramon Ayala 

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