CES 2018-All The Eyes Will Be On These Gadgets

- January 18, 2018
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CES 2018 is looking for launch many surprising Gadgets. Here, Tech-based health products, Alexa Experiences, Foldable smartphones and under-screen fingerprint scanners can be dominated this year. Let's take a look at their specialty ...

Highlighting Gadgets Of 2018

Folding Smartphone

For the past few years, the talk of a fashionable smartphone is going on, but so far we have not seen any company working on it. Last year when Samsung announced that it will launch a smartphone with a foldab display in 2018, things have changed since then. Now if speculation is believed, then Samsung has given a private demo of its Foldable smartphone in CES 2018. 

CES 2018-All The Eyes Will Be On These Gadgets

This device with a grapevine design has a 7.3 inch OLED display, which is curved from the inside. Samsung is the first company that launched a smartphone with a curved screen. We hope the company can give its demo of this mobile smartphones in the middle of the year. This phone is expected to be launched at the end of 2018.

Tech Based Health Products

CES 2018, the largest tech show in the world, is looking for health-based many tech products. One such kind of health-based product was Lenovo, which is like a Moto mode. It's a magnetic mode that easily gets attached to the Motorola smartphone. 

CES 2018-All The Eyes Will Be On These Gadgets

It monitors things like your heart rate, blood oxygen level, blood pressure, blood temperature. Nokia Sleep is the only health-based product that tracks your sleep pattern. It is a Wi-Fi enabled matrate sensor. You can see its data on the app. Apart from this, Quartz's UV purification bottle in CES was also interesting. This is a battery-powered water purification system that uses ultraviolet light to keep itself clean.

Fingerprint scanner inside smartphone screen

CES 2018-All The Eyes Will Be On These Gadgets

This is another new technology which was announced last year. It is expected that many companies can offer this facility in their smartphones this year. In CES 2018, Vivo has shown a smartphone that has a fingerprint scanner on the screen. So far, the fingerprint scanner is given in the 18: 9 aspect ratio display, on the back of the phone or on the front. Qualcomm has also said about its advanced fingerprint scanning technology, which is capable of scanning fingerprint screen glass and even on metal.

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