Google’s New Gmail Features and How Best to Use Them

- May 02, 2018
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There are a lot of changes going on in Gmail. If you do not keep this information, then this news is for your work. In this way, we are going to tell you about the new features that you will soon see on your Gmail.

1. Smart Reply

After this update users will not need to type to respond to the mail. Answers to Gmail users can be found in the pre-typed options such as Thank you, Let's go.

2. Snooze

Now in the new format of Gmail, you will now see a shortcut to Snooze, with archive, delete, Mark Edge Read. Apart from snooze, the rest of the 3 features are also available in Gmail. With the help of Snooze, you can now read those mails later, which you do not want to read immediately.

3. Two-Factor Authentication

In the new Gmail IRM (Information Rights Management) feature has been added. With this feature, you will be able to stop forwarding, downloading, copying / pasting and downloading messages sent to you. You can also use this feature with users who do not use Gmail. You can also set an expiry date for the mail in this feature. Also, you can set this when it will expire after reading the mail. Apart from this, the user you are sending the mail may also have to go through 2 Factor Authentication Security to read the mail.

4. Gmail alert

New Gmail has added features together against viruses. In this feature, Gmail will now warn you about the mails that can be threatened by viruses. In the new Gmail, you will see this message seems dangerous and also the Delete Now button.

5. Offline mode

New offline mode has been added to Gmail. This feature works much like Google Docs. Here you can write messages, reply, delete and archive it up to 90 days. With this feature you will be able to work without Wi-Fi.

6. Mobile feature

On Gmail, you will get a new functional feature through which you can easily view important messages. These features will work on Google's Artificial Intelligence.
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