The Best Wireless Speakers for Indoor & Outdoor Parties

- June 17, 2018
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Best Wireless Speakers for Indoor & Outdoor Parties: Today we have brought 4 speakers for you. These speakers can become your first choice for Indoor and Outdoor parties. So Lets Know about the names and the Features of these speakers.

EcoXGear GDI-EXBLD810 EcoBoulder +
The device is large in viewing but you can move from one place to another. It's a portable Bluetooth speaker, which gives you great music quality. The device is a great choice for the outdoors party. There is also Dustproof and waterproof Feature in it. In addition, you get long battery backup.

UE Roll 2
This is a portable Bluetooth speaker. The device is so light and small that it can take you anywhere with you. The device is waterproof, which you can run in 3 feet deep water for 30 minutes. Its Bluetooth range is up to 60 feet. It gives 11.5 hours of playback on single charge.

Mackie CR3
From listening to music on PC to video games, this speaker can be a better option for you. You can also listen to music by connecting the device to the phone. There is a great base on the speaker, while there is no problem due to low vibration.

Sonos One
This is a wireless multirus speaker system. You can connect two speakers simultaneously and make it like a stereo speaker. You can control the speaker either alone or by grouping. You can also carry the speaker easily.
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