Duo Portable Second Screen: An Another Screen Solution for Your Laptop

- June 30, 2018
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DUO Portable Dual Screen Laptop Monitor: Have you ever felt that you have two screens in the same laptop? If your answer is yes, then this news is just for you and only, because in this report, we will tell you about a device that you can enjoy in two different displays by putting it in your laptop.

Yes, this special device is named Duo, which is a company named Mobile Pixel. Two displays can be used simultaneously by placing this Duo behind any laptop.

About Duo, the company has got a fund of $ 35,000 or even about Rs 23,95,575 in less than 4 hours. In the last 266 days, the company got funding of US $ 358,666.

Duo will work on Mac, Windows, Linux, Android and Chrome devices. Through Duo you will be able to use 12.5 inch display separately. The display has 1080 pixels resolution.

Duo can be used with 2 magnet from the back of any laptop or desktop, and then it can be connected via a USB plug. You can also turn the Duo screen. Its price will be close to Rs. 12,251 and it will be made available in the market in January 2019
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