Facebook is testing a way to mute keywords

- June 29, 2018
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Facebook tests 30-day keyword snoozing to fight spoilers, triggers : Social media company Facebook has edited a new feature of 'keyword snooze' in the news feed. Any keyword appearing on this news feed through this feature can be snoozed for 30 days, which means that any post linked to that keyword will not be visible by next month. Facebook has provided this new feature through a blog post. The company had edited the 'snooze' feature in the news feed last year, but so far only the friend could be 'snooze' or 'mute', but now a particular keyword can also be snoozed.

Keyword Snooze: To snooze any keyword appearing in the news feed, tap on the three dot (...) appearing on the top right, followed by 'Temporary Hedge Post By Keyword' option. .
- After clicking on this option the keywords will automatically appear. Select any keyword from which you want to 'snooze' and click on 'Snooze for 30 Days' below. You can select more than one keyword from any post. However it can be 'undo' at any time.

This feature will make news feeds attractive. These features: Shruti Muralidharan, Product Manager, Facebook News Feed, told through a blog post, "If you select 'Snooze a Keyword' option, then post anything related to that keyword to the next 30 days Will not be able to see. '
- He said, 'We are working on showing only the Welcome Post in News Feed, so there are many features like' Sea First, Hyde, Unfollow, Snooze have been added. ' In this he added, 'We expect that this new feature will make your News Feed Experience more special and you will be able to focus on the same things you want.'
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