Get ready for 128TB SD cards with 985MBps speeds

- June 29, 2018
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SD Express Cards With 985MBps Transfer Speeds, Up to 128TB Capacity Launched: If your work is not done with a low memory card, then the SD Association has launched a new MicroSD storage card with 128 TB capacity. The speed of this memory card is 985 MB per second, i.e. about 1 GB data transfer claim. This SD card has been named SD Express.

By the way, you can tell that the memory card with a maximum of 2 TB of storage in the market is present in the market, with transfer speed of 624MB per second. In the year 2016, SanDisk also introduced memory card with 1 TB storage but it is no longer available in the market.

Talking about the specialty of the new card, its maximum capacity is named as SD Ultra Capacity (SDUC). In this card, you will be able to save videos ranging from 4 to 8 resolution. This card will be used in Internet of Things, Mobile Computing Device, 360 degree Camera, Car and Drone. However, its price has not yet been disclosed.
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