Google Maps just got a slew of new features

- June 14, 2018
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Many users worldwide use Google Maps. Google has made several changes in this app over time. In the recent Google I / O 2018, the company's Chief Executive Officer Sundar Pichai talked about adding many features to Google Maps. Google Maps has added many features, due to which its interface has changed completely. Today we will tell you about the new features added to Google Maps, which is important to know about.

In the new Google Map interface, the corner of the search box has been rounded. Along with this the font has been changed, as well as more white space has been given to make the interface look attractive. However, no major changes have been made in the driving and transit section.

Major changes can be seen in the Explorer session. The category icon is more colorful and beautiful. A featured public listing of restaurant type is also given. Apart from this, event timing and lists have also been added to the new features of this app. With the help of which it will inform you about upcoming events like Facebook.

Apart from this you will be able to search food in the new Google Maps features. Apart from this, you can shop from this. Apart from this, you will also be able to find out who has created the food list. The event section can also be filtered according to the time and location.
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