How to Automatically Destroy Your Sending Mails from Receiver Inbox

- June 15, 2018
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Google has recently introduced several new features in Gmail, which has increased the control of this email service's privacy and user control. Most of these features are being discussed in 'Confidential Mode'. This feature is being added to enhance the privacy of email for Sender's email. However, some experts are also criticizing it. In this feature, you can send mail in such a way that, after a certain time, your sent email automatically destroys.

What is Confidential Mode?

Significantly, Google has launched a brand new version of Gmail that is only available for PC browsers. There are several new features in it, of which conifugal mode is also one. In this mode you can protect your important emails via a passcode. In addition, the user also has an option that his email can not be forwarded forward. 

Also, the user can set a specific date and time in his email, after which the email will be automatically deleted. Apart from this, this Confidential Mail can neither be downloaded nor copied / printed or printed. However, the user can take a screenshot of this mail.
Classic Gmail Opens Now By User Logging In For config mode and other features, the user needs to shift to Gmail's new interface. For this, clicking on the settings icon will click on 'Try New Gmail'. The new interface will take some time to reload. You can always go back to Gmail with a classic look back from this new Gmail.

Send such emails in Confidential Mode:

After going to Gmail's new interface, follow these steps to send a Confidential Mail:

1. Click on the compose
2. Click on 'Turn on Confidential Mode' at the bottom right of the window

3. After this you can fix a special date and time for your new email, after which the email will be deleted from the receiver's Inbox. Also, you can also enter passcode in the user mailbox
4. If you choose 'no SMS passcode', the receiver that uses the Gmail app can open the mail directly.

5. If you have chosen 'SMS Passcode', the receiver will get a passcode as text message.

6. For this, you need to save the phone number of the person receiving the message
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