How to Edit PDF Files Online Using Google Drive

- June 16, 2018
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How to Edit PDF Online: We always use free Adobe Acrobat to read PDF files on our computer and mobile. But if you want to edit the files, then you have to buy the paid version of Acrobat Editor. However, if you do not have a paid version of this software, you can still edit PDF file online without any cost by using free editor online.

How to Edit PDF Online free

If you follow some simple steps, you can edit your PDF files without adobe Acrobat Editor. To edit, first you need to upload your PDF file in Google Drive. When the file is uploaded to Google Drive, then click on New. Upload the file to it and then browse where the file is uploaded to your computer.

After the file uploading process is complete, you right click on top of your file in Google Drive. After this, select the option to open it with Google Docs. As soon as the file is open in Google Docs, you can easily change it and save it again on your device. You can also save this file in PDF, Word or any other file format.

However, in order to adopt this method you have to take care of some things. This method is better for PDF files that contain text only. If you are editing a form then there is a complete possibility that after editing some fields it will be missed. Also, if your PDF file contains any image or decorative handwriting, it will also disappear after editing it.
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