How to Repair your Corrupted Memory Card

- June 29, 2018
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How to Repair your Corrupted Memory Card: Memory card is used for additional space in the smartphone. In this, users save many important documents and images including personal data. 

But what if you lose your memory card? Obviously, due to poor memory card your data is not recoverable and files like your personal documents and images are deleted. Do you know what is the main reason for the poor memory card? If not, then in this post we are going to answer you. Together they will also explain how to repair bad memory.

Reasons for Corrupt Memory Card:

A big reason for the memory card's badness is your phone. Viruses are encountered while browsing the smartphone or downloading a third party app, which can also damage the memory card with mobile. It is believed that Android is the reason behind the poor memory card. Because the virus is easily accessible in it.

Learn How to Fix Memory Card?

First, connect your memory card to your computer or laptop. It can be connected via card reader.

Then give the Ctrl + R command. Now enter the window which will open the CMD.

Now insert the name of your memory card in it. For example: if the name of the memory card is L: then type L:

Now you will have a confirmation message, enter yes for Y for or no.

After clicking on Y, your memory card will start to be formatted and then your memory card will be cured.
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