How to Stop RAM Consumption In Android

- June 14, 2018
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How to Stop RAM Consumption In Android: Android operating system 8.0 Oreo is currently Google's newest mobile operating system and today most of the phones are offered on this same operating system. This operating system is quite advanced and has many new features in it. Although a major drawback of the Android operating system, it can be said that RAM consumption is high.

Even with the Oreo operating system, many people are complaining that the phone is slowing down due to the high consumption of RAM. If you go to the service center by complaining about this problem, they will reset the factory more and more and charge a special fee. After that, the phone will do the right thing for a few days and then again it will be the same problem again. However, we have suggested some measures further, with the help of will benefit you for a long time.

Reason For RAM Consumption

There may be many reasons for more RAM consumption, but the most responsible thing is  Mobile applications. These applications are not optimized according to the operating system, and many have not been properly coded, due to this the phones have more RAM. You might be surprised to know that there are some applications that are unused but they consume more memory. In such a case, if your phone is hanging or stuck, then your first attempt should be to find out such applications, then use unnecessary RAM.

How to find the App

➱ For this you have to go to Settings first.

➱ There will be the option of memory and storage to appear on it.

➱ In the top-most memory and below you will get information about the storage. Remember that memory is telling RAM and the storage phone has internal memory.

➱ You have to click on memory.

➱ There will be a little bit of information about which app is consuming the RAM. With this, you can also find out which application is being used in memory usage.

➱ You can take full details of the last 3 hours, 6 hours, 12 hours and 1 day of the phone. You can know which application is the one which is consuming the most RAM.

How to Fix The Issues: Top 3 Solution

Solution 1: 

If there is an Android application that is not being uninstalled then you can disable it. First of all for you
>Go to the settings of the phone and choose an option from there.

>In the application, you go to the Apply tab.

>All applications will come together here, you choose the app that is consuming more RAM.

>If you click on the app, then the option of Disable and Force Stop will be the first option. You disable it.

Solution 2: 

If the application is for your work, then the method will be different.
Such apps which are of great use but are taking more RAM, then you first check its update. First of all for
1. Open Play Store.
2. Then go to My App and check Updates. If updates have been made, do so immediately. New updates can also solve your problem.

Solution 3: 

If the problem is not resolved even after the update, then in such a situation, first uninstall the the app and install it again. This can solve the problem.
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