International Yoga Day-Best Apps to Learn "How to Yoga"

- June 20, 2018
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Today everyone is celebrating International Yoga Day in their own way. From big celebrities to the common man, Yoga is taking the path of their health. In this way, we have brought 5 such apps for you to help you get all the information related to Yoga. Apart from this, you will be able to do this posture of yoga at your home without any trainer. Know about the names and features of these apps.

Best Apps to Learn "How to Yoga"

Daily Yoga-App you can download at the Google Play Store for free. You will get more than 500 seats in the app. Apart from this, there are more than 50 yoga class plans and workshops. More than 200 HD Guided Yoga Plans are available in the app. You can also find information about your health data on the app.

Track Yoga - In this app, video content of yoga will be found in HD. You will also be able to see the preview before watching the video with it. Users get points even when yoga is done.

5 Minute Yoga- It's easy to use this app. Many small videos have been given to teach yoga. Features such as Daily Reminders and Timers have been given in its Awasha app. Different yoga features have been given for every day in the app. However, you may have to subscribe to watch more videos than a fixed limit.

Pocket Yoga - These apps can prove to be a good option for users who are now learning yoga. In this app, the step of yoga has been told with photos. The app has been told about the 200-plus yoga posture in the app. But for this app you have to buy it on Google Play Store.

Down Dog - Yoga is divided into several levels in this app. The app features Google Fit support, offline support, and voice guidance. Apart from this, a lot of exercise tips have been given here.
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