How to Mute Someone on Instagram: The New Feature of Instagram

- June 14, 2018
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How to Mute Someone on Instagram: Photo sharing site Instagram is very popular around the world. Several updates have been made about the convenience, privacy and security of users on Facebook-owned company Instagram. It is as easy as using Instagram. 

But at some occasions, using Instagram is a burden. Actually, it is often that many users on our Instagram are such whose continuous "post" and "story" updates are bothering us. 

The 'post' repeatedly being repeated by the same user begins to irritate us, but we can not follow such users as they want to. In such a situation, you will not be able to leave the Instagram and neither do you have to unfollow someone.

Actually, you can mute any user's post or story in the new Instagram feature. That is, now that user will share his 'Post' or 'Story' Instagram, then the 'Story' or 'Post' will not appear on your 'News Feeds'. So follow these steps, let us now get rid of this problem.

How to Mute Someone on Instagram:

Step 1: Tap on the name of the user to mute the story or post.

Step 2: After coming to the profile you will see three dots in the top right, tap on it.

Step 3: Here you will see two options below. These include Turn On Post Notifications and Turn On Story Notifications. By tapping on it you can mute the post or story of that user.

Step 4: You can unmute any post or story by tapping on Turn Off Post Notifications and Turn Off Story Notifications.

After this you will not have trouble with any user's post or story.
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