Now Facebook will tell You: How Much times you spend on Facebook

- June 28, 2018
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How Much times you spend on Facebook: Facebook is testing a feature these days, through which users will know how much time they spend on this social media site every day. Your Time on Facebook is currently being tested on Facebook's Android app. Facebook's headquarters in The Menlo Park, California, has confirmed this news too. 
However, it is not clear whether it will be launched on iOS or not? At the recently held WWDC event, Apple announced the iOS 12 with the screen time feature, which has been designed for users to avoid using excessive usage of smartphones.

Google has similarly launched Digital Wellbeing with the Android P Beta version last month, so that users will know how many hours they spend on their device. Your Time on Facebook feature is currently hidden under the Facebook app for Android devices. This feature shows how many hours spent on Facebook in the last seven days and what was your average time during the week?

Feature reminder 

This feature also gives you the convenience of putting a daily reminder. So that when you arrive at a certain time limit, it can alert you. In addition to this there is also a shotcart, which allows you to change the notification setting. You can also turn on the Do Not Disturb feature to avoid all Facebook notifications. This feature was first introduced by Jane Wong to everyone.

Emphasis on the right use of Facebook

Facebook has not disclosed that on the first platform, which platform will it formally launch on this new feature.

Instagram has also launched such a feature

Last month Instagram also added the Usage Insights Feature to its site, so that the users could know how much time they spent on that platform. Actually, Facebook is trying to run on the path of Google and Apple through this new feature, allowing users to keep the time spent on social media in their control.
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