Now You Can Chat on YouTube Without Going Anywhere

- June 12, 2018
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You can now watch videos and chat with your friends on Google's video streaming platform YouTube. That is, you will not need to go out from YouTube app. You will be able to talk to your friends even while watching the video in the app. For this, you have to follow the steps given below.

Step-1: Login to your account first by opening the YouTube.

Step-2: Now you can tap on the activity tab below.

Step-3: Here you will see two sub-heads - Tap on Shared and Notifications, Shared here, then tap on the contacts.
Step-4: Here you will see organized contacts, of which you can add to short cut of quick contact.

Step-5: Apart from this, YouTube will give you two more options, in which you can add more contacts.

Step-6: In the first option you will have to send an invitation link to your friends, clicking on this link will add your friends to your contacts.

Step-7: You can also add contacts from your phonebook to the second option.

Step-8: After this you will be able to do personal chat by clicking on the chat of your contact.

Step-9: In addition to this, you will be able to chat through making a contact group.

This YouTube feature will be similar to both desktop and mobile apps. Users can also chat with any friend from their contact list on desktop.
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