OnePlus 7 with 5G support to launch next year

- June 29, 2018
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OnePlus 7 with 5G support to launch next year: OnePlus 6 launches has just been a few days. OnePlus founder and CEO (CEO) Pete Lau convinced in the Mobile World Congress organized in Shanghai that the next flagship of OnePlus will be equipped with 5G features. Apart from this, the company is also working on career relationship in America.

Lau further stated that OnePlus and Qualcomm can together become the world's first 5G smartphone manufacturer. US main network service provider companies are employed to provide 5G services from next year. These companies have started testing of 5G networks and can start commercially 5G services from next year.

Pete further stated that Oneplus has always been trying to make the budget smartphones available to users in their flagship. Because customers always like to buy phones according to the price of the smartphone. That's why all the world's companies try to provide smartphones with good features in the budget range. The biggest reason for this is that users can not change their smartphone in just one month or two months.

OnePlus is also focusing on its direct cell and retail store in the UK. OnePlus is selling its device through retail stores in other countries of Europe. Lau further said that the company wants to share their devices by sharing partnerships with the US Network Service Provider. In addition to OnePlus, Honor also announced the making of 5G smartphones.
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