Oracle Launches Intelligence Map for Close Look at Internet

- June 14, 2018
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Oracle has announced the Internet Intelligence Map. Through this Internet Intelligence Maps, users will find information about the Internet. The map will give users information about the Internet through simple and graphic. Oracle is a cloud service provider. This map will inform the users even after the natural calamity occurs. That is, if there is a flood or earthquake, users will be informed about this through Internet Intelligence Maps.

In addition, this map of Oracle will also provide information about the restrictions imposed by the government. The company said in its statement that this map of Oracle is part of the Internet Intelligence Initiative providing analysis of Global Internet Infrastructure.

Kyle York, vice president of product strategy of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, says that the Internet is the world's most essential network. Any kind of interruption or interruption on the internet can affect the campaign. If this happens then its impact will affect government and network operators.

He said that through this service we are reaching our commitments to remove any obstruction on the internet and improve it. Let us say that Oracle is the American multinational computer technology company. Its headquarter is in California.
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