How to Find Out Where a Picture was Taken-Reverse Image Search

- June 07, 2018
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If you want to know the real address of a image that was taken from the Web, Facebook, WhatsApp and other platforms, then we have a kind information, which help you to know The Real Source of Images. 

Google Reverse Image Search allowing to get right information about a Photo. Just upload a photographs in Reverse Image Search and it will show you related Images used on other websites and also different sizes of the same photo almost instantly. 

You know? when the media investigate a photo, they use this kinds of tools to get right information, to bring out the truth. And the Photographer also use this website to know about other websites that are using their Photographs. 

So lets have a look 'How to use Reverse Image Search in your device'. 

How to Find Out Where a Picture was Taken?

Google also has a tool for searching related Images. That is "Search by Image". But this is a limited tool that can be used only in Computer or PC, you can not access it from your Smartphone. 

But here we've referred another tool which you can access in your computer as well as in the mobile phone. If a friend sent you an image on WhatsApp or Facebook then you can easily upload the Photo in Reverse Image Search and you will get exact information. Follow these steps....

First of all visit this link Reverse Image Search.

Now you'll found Upload Picture button on the middle of page. 

Upload any Image from your Mobile or Computer Gallery. It will feed your photo into Google's Image Database and show you visually similar photos. 

Now scroll down and click on the SHOW MATCHES Button. Here you'll found all your matching Images. 

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