Samsung will Launch "The World's Most Expensive Phone''

- June 18, 2018
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South Korean manufacturer Samsung may launch its Galaxy X smartphone at the beginning of next year. A new report has come out of the price of Samsung's first firmable phone. According to a media organization in Korea, the price of the phone will be around 2 million Korean Wong, which is about $1835 in US currency.

World's most expensive phone

If Korean media claims right, then Samsung Galaxy X will become the world's most expensive smartphone. It is important to know that at present, iPhone X is the best choice in the range of more than 1174 American Dollars

Earlier, Samsung had banned all speculation and agreed that the company's next mega project would be a fashionable smartphone. On behalf of the company officials, it has already been said that Samsung is working on a phone foldable to give Rear Experience in the phone. In an interview, Samsung's mobile category head DJ Kohe has told that the company is working on its mega project since March this year. According to Koh, before presenting the product to the users, the company will check whether the users are getting Rear Experience on this foldable screen. Koh was also told that a special team of the company is working hard to make this whole project a success.

Considered leak reports, Samsung Galaxy X will have a 7.3-inch OLED display. The phone will turn 4.5 inches after the screen turns. This means that users will be able to use the phone's screen as a tablet, while after completion of work they can keep it comfortably in their pocket.

In addition to Samsung, smartphones manufacturers who are working on foldable display include companies like Huawei, LG and ZTE.
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