Soon Robots(AI) could be taking your job interview

- June 28, 2018
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Soon robots could be taking your job interview: Artificial Intelligence (AI) has grown significantly now. Work from surgery to clerk are beginning to do artificial robots. The special thing is that they are now being used to a great extent in the selection of people for the job.

Their specialty is that during the interview, Artificial Intelligence does not make any kind of favoritism and selects the right people of the right people. So let's see how artificial intelligence is proving to be a boon for HR managers.

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According to the HackerCarcon 2018 Tech Recruitment Report, artificial intelligence can reduce favoritism by 9 percent. Apart from this, chatbats easily interact with the candidates. In this way, the Human Resource Department saves time. Chattabot can do 18 percent of his conversation with a candidate.

AI has started helping 18 percent in screening. At the same time, how efficient the people are in their work, its AI can make an accurate estimate of 19 percent. Apart from this, AI helps 41% to find the profiles of employees and take out the profile of the right candidates.

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