The Best Facebook Security Tips 2018

- June 13, 2018
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Facebook Security Tips 2018: There is a lot of attack on Facebook lately. Only a few days earlier it was reported that about 50 million Facebook user's data has been stolen and the company has accepted this fact. After this there was a lot of aggression in the users of Facebook. Many people have deleted their account. Although there are billions of people who still do not want to leave Facebook, I am also myself. It is the world's largest social media platform and can easily keep your talk to others. 

But one thing to say is that if you are using Facebook, it is important to be cautious. The technique has become quite aggressive and if you are maintaining your account in the old way, then understand that you are offering hassle. It is therefore important that you also change the way to protect your account over time. Next we have told the Facebook Tricks of the year 2018 which are very important to you.

The Best Facebook Security Tips 2018:

➱ Two-factor authentication

To keep Facebook safe today, just passwords are not enough, but you need to put double protection. So it is better to resort to two factor authentication. First of all for you

>Have to go to the setting of your facebook

>There is a choice of security and login from there.

>Scroll down a bit, then get setting up Extra Security.

>In this below, you will see Two Factor Authentication. You have to set it up.

After this, whenever you log in to your Facebook, an additional code will be sent to the phone, through this same login will be completed. If this code does not work, then Facebook will not be able to login. It is very good for the security of the account.

➱ Set Unauthorize Login Alert 

It is much better to set an alert on your Facebook in anonymously. Through this, as soon as Facebook suspects that your account is being logged in incorrectly, you will receive a notification. You will get a notification on the phone or by email.

>For this you have to go to Facebook settings.

>There is a choice of security and login from there.

>If you scroll down a bit then alert Unauthorize Login alert will appear.

>Here is an edit button. You have to click that. Along with this, you will get notification options.

>From here you can set that you want Notification in a message or mail.
➱ Do not login Facebook with Third party Apps

There are many apps that open with a Gmail or Facebook login. Opening with Facebook makes it easy to open, rather than create a long broad login id. But let me tell you not to log in with Facebook at all. With Facebook login, they get access to your Facebook data and they use it arbitrarily.

➱ Remove third party app from remover

During the use of Facebook, you do not even know which apps are accessing your Facebook data. Knowing many times you often unknowingly give access. In such a situation, it is necessary to remove the unknown app from your account which is working on data stealing.

>For this you first have to go to the app's settings.

>If you scroll down here, then the app will have the option to click on it.

>After clicking you will get a complete list of your apps that are accessing your Facebook data. From here select the app and delete them.

➱ Stay away from apps, websites and games

Data stealing in Facebook is not just a password. Rather, your private collectors are also taken from here. In such a case it is necessary that you are already safe.

>If you go to Facebook's settings, there will be an app's choice.

>Click it, click on it you will get the option of apps, websites and games.

>This segment tracks the apps, games and websites your Facebook accesses. If you take it off then it is much better.
➱ Make Ads Limit

If you do some browse on your browser or click on an ad to your Facebook page, then according to that you will start seeing the ad again. In this case, you can also limit the ads. First of all

>Go to the settings of your face book

>Click here to find the option to add it to the bottom.

>Here you will find your information option, click on it.

Along with this, many options will be opened as you wish to all.

Try to have access to your personal information at least to companies. This will be the option of ad settings below. Even if you do not do all the segments here, it is much better.

➱ Log out call session

Even though Facebook has recently been locked in security, the company has introduced several features to keep it safe. One of these is logout session session. If you believe that your phone is connected to another phone device, then you can go to Facebook settings to see which devices have your account login. If there is a little bit of suspicion, you can lock it out in one click.

>For this you have to go to Facebook settings.

>Here you have to choose Security and Login.

>Here you will get the option of Where you have logged. It will know in which device your Facebook login is.

>If you have any doubt about anyone, then you can log out of the session from here. This will also cause your Facebook logout in the device.

➱ Access your Facebook into private browser 

If for some reason you have to open your Facebook account in another PC or mobile, then support private browsing. No one can track the figure in it. Chrome browser has Incognito Private Browsing.

➱ Hide Your Privacy

Many people publicize their personal information in Facebook, while this is not okay. Try to keep birthday, contact number and address etc. You will find this option only in the settings.

➱ Use the special character in the password.

Most people add words like 123 with their Facebook password name. Many people keep their birthday there. But let me tell you that these passwords can be easily cracked. So keep big and unique password. Remember that always use special characters. Eg @, #, $,% a Hackers make it difficult to read them.
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