The Best Useful Android Apps in 2018

- June 06, 2018
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Here we are going to share our best collection for the Best Android Apps which you use in your daily life. The apps we're mentioned to below, are easily available in Google Play Store. If you're looking for a perfect app to scan your documents, block apps, generate fake location, edit videos, then today we have a recommendation for you. Enjoy the best list of our best pics Android Apps in 2018.

You can easily make a fake location by using your mobile phone. If you're browsing something on Internet then you can generate a fake location to mislead the service provider who wants to track you, even if it's Google.

By using this app you can add extra layer of security and data encryption. If you are on public Wi-Fi then It'll help you to secure your personal information. In this app you're eligible to use a free, fast and secure VPN to protect your personal information. This app alow to blocking apps that are using data in background and very useful to limit apps for Wi-Fi only.

This app generates 2-step verification code on your phone. If someone manage to know the password of your online account, they still can't get it without the generated code.

Firefox Focus Browser
A 'privacy lock browser' that make you feel like nobody can track your records. The browser automatically blocks a wide range of online trackers and unwanted ads. You are able to easily erase your history, passwords and cookies.

This is the best app that lets you to access anything in your mobile with simple gestures. One hand operate and small package size this app alow you to search your apps, open websites, take screenshots, crop word for translate and more. 

Canva has covered Beautiful design templates with readymade. Here you'll found different stylish templates with different categories. For example Facebook Post and Covers, Instagram posts, Square Social Media Graphic, Photo Collage, Poster, Flyer, Invitation Template, Twitter Post, Blog Banner, YouTube Thumbnail, YouTube Channal Art, Pinterest Graphic, CD Cover, Book cover etc. All are Absolutely free to use.

Article Reader

This application gives a new meaning to the Smartphone concept. Send any page from the different browsers to this app and read it without distracting clutter. This app allow to read articles in your way, select font size, change text styles, switch between day and night modes. 

Lynket Browser (Chromer)

This is a floating bubble browser that opens web pages in the background while you continue work inside the current app. It gets support of google AMP and readability so the page load faster and without clutter. Lynket works with any browser that implants the custom tab protocol. It also inherits the browser's behavior such as tracking protection, shared login of, bookmark sync etc.

Microsoft Launcher

Since Microsoft launched this app, it gets big review from the users. Ads free this launcher completely rewritten your smartphone with a fresh layout and beautiful  typography. If you work on a window 10 computer, you'll love it even more. There're many eye catching features, you can see in this launcher. 

Office Lence

Office Lens trims, enhances, and makes pictures of whiteboards and documents readable. You can use Office Lens to convert images to PDF, Word and PowerPoint files, and save to OneNote,  OneDrive, or your local device.   

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