This New Chat App will Replace The Yahoo Messenger

- June 11, 2018
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Yahoo Messenger, the instant messaging chat service that has been ruling the heart of the youth for the past two decades, has been shutting down since July 17th. However, users using this instant messaging service can download their old messages. Yahoo said that users will be able to download all their messages for up to 6 months. The company is replacing Yahoo Messenger with a new instant messaging app, Squirrel. Users can now apply for beta testing of this new app.

Yahoo Messenger Chat was launched in 1998. This Messenger app was very popular among the Indian youth. Young people liked it because of the Yahoo Messenger chat room, but since the arrival of Google's G-Chat, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, there was a tremendous decline in popularity of Yahoo and eventually the company had to shut down the service. Used to be.

However, Yahoo also tried to revive the messenger from time to time, but in front of a messaging app like WhatsApp, the users rejected it. In December last year, the company had updated Yahoo Messenger's Android, iOS and Wave version.

Yahoo Messenger was relaunched in December 2015. The company fade out its first version and loaded it with a whole new clover. In which the messenger's design and look were completely altered. In the new Messenger, the most outstanding feature was given, in which users could trace the message sent by the trace-out.

However, despite all these changes, Yahoo failed to make its mark in the hearts of the users, due to which the 20 year old Messenger service is being completely closed from July 17.

Challenges from Google

Yahoo has got the biggest challenge from Google. The web version of Yahoo Messenger first got Gmail chat and then the app version got the challenge from Google Hangouts and WhatsApp. People began to like Google hangouts and whatsapp, and Yahoo's popularity decreased. Now let's see if Yahoo's new Instant Messaging app stands on the test of people or not.
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