Facebook Shared your Data with these 52 Companies: Biggest Name Include

- July 02, 2018
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Facebook Shared your Data with 52 Companies: Social media giants Facebook has been in the forefront of questions about data theft, selling and sharing over the last several months. 

Company CEO Mark Zuckerberg has also apologized for this and also come up with new terms & Policy. But now the news is that Facebook shares the information of users with about 52 hardware and software makers. Among them are smartphone makers, which you have already heard about.

In response to 700 pages of Facebook given to the House Energy and Commerce Committee, Facebook has acknowledged that user data has been shared with 52 companies. According to this document, with some of these companies, Facebook had previously stopped sharing the data, but many of these still give Facebook data.

This document contains the names of several companies with whom the Facebook data share agreement is signed. These include the world's largest technology companies like Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Samsung, Alibaba and Huawei.

The Washington Post reports mention this document given by Facebook. It says, "We cooperate with companies to develop a variety of devices and operating systems where we and our partners wanted to give users a way to get Facebook or Facebook experience"

Facebook has also said that this integration has been made for our users by our partners, but it does Facebook approval. According to the company, it has finished its contract with 38 out of 52 partners and will soon conclude the deal with 7 companies.

Significantly, Facebook has also shared data with companies like User Data Quocom, Blackberry and Nissan. Apart from this, there is a partnership with Chinese companies such as Huawei, Lenovo, Oppo and TCL to share user data.

It has also been said in the Facebook document that five such companies have been found which could also access the limited friend data as a result of the beta test.

Facebook says that the company had given one time extension to the companies for six months, from AOL to other packaging delivering firms. There is also the dating app Hinge. According to the report, the data shared with the users without informing them include their friends' names, gender and birthday dates.
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