Myth: Should We Use Another Charger to Charge our Phone

- July 08, 2018
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Should We Use Another Charger to Charge our Phone: Is it right to charge a smartphone with another company's charger, this is a question that arises in the minds of users on a day-to-day basis. 

Actually, we use the phone's charger of some of our  friends or family members as a hurry or a loss of a charger or forgetting something else. In such a way the phone is charged, but one question still comes in the mind that somewhere, using the other charger will not affect the phone's battery or performance. So to find out the answer to this question, we are keeping things into mind to share, Should you use another charger or not?

Brand matters

If you are charging your phone with a third-party charger, then be sure that the charger used is not local. Companies like Anker, Aukey can rely on the charger. These chargers do not affect your phone or battery.

Where to a Buy Charger

There are actually many smartphone companies whose chargers come in slightly expensive. In order to save money, many users bring a wool charger from the market. In this case, these chargers can put a bad effect on your phone. Besides, the age of these chargers is also very small. 
Understand the easy language, you only waste your money in the diversion of saving money. However, if you want to buy a third party charger then buy it from Amazon or Flipkart and keep in mind that your charger is validated on behalf of the company.

Apple is in trouble

Call it the specialty of Apple or the company of damage makes its products in such a way that only its charger can be used. In such a case, if you are using Apple's iPhone, it would be better to use the company's charger.

Fast charging challenge in Android

We can charge Android phones with the charger of another phone. But a problem that can come in front of you is that, nowadays, more MAH batteries are given in the phones, which are given charger for fast charging. In this case, if you charge your new phone from any old charger, your phone may take a lot of time to charge.

Quality of the Product

Local companies make chargers using poor quality in the economy to save money. In this case, if you use these chargers to charge the phone, then the battery of your phone may be bad. Many experts have even said that using these chargers can ripped the battery of your phone.

Wireless Charging

At present, many companies are offering the feature of wireless charging, in this case, charge your phone only with the company's charger.
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