OnePlus 6T may be Launch with Triple Camera Setup

- July 11, 2018
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OnePlus 6T may be Launch with Triple Camera Setup: Many people believe that smartphones coming this year may come with some big ups and downs. Now whether it is about display, camera, or design, etc.. However, we have already seen it because the 18: 9 aspect ratio has replaced the design of the Notch design.

However, some major changes have also been noticed about the camera this year. We have seen that Huawei has launched its Huawei P20 Pro smartphone with Leica's Triple Camera. This major change has given a new dimension to smartphone technology, and has given a new definition to the camera in the smartphone.

This technology can say that the dual cameras in the Samsung Galaxy S9 series, or even the smartphones with the dual camera lenses that have come so far in the market, have left behind. DXOMark, which measures the capability of the smartphone camera, has also surpassed all other smartphones to the first place.

However, after the launch of the Vivo NEX and OPPO Find X smartphones, all the barriers have been broken, now there are reports that Apple can use the dual-card function in its iPhone X Plus smartphone. Apart from this, the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 smartphone can be launched with S-Pen Stylus etc.

However, it has been seen in the last few years that OnePlus has also come up with some new skills. This company has achieved good achievement in very short time, probably for this reason. It can be said that companies are adding new technology to compete to make smartphones more smart. Every company wants to make its smartphone better than the other. OnePlus is also included in this race, and the company is going to do something new in its upcoming smartphones, it can be said by looking at these big changes that in the future, the company can add something new to its OnePlus 6T smartphone. Now it can be about the display, or it may be possible to use triple camera design in it. Although the official has not said anything official yet, seeing the changing trend looks like it may happen.

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