How to Block Calls on Android and iPhone

- November 23, 2018
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How to Block Calls on Android and iPhone: Many times it happens that you are enjoying the weekend and away from office work. You get calls from an unknown number and you pick up the phone thinking that maybe this is an important call. But most often it happens that a robotic message or customer care is executable on the phone and you are offered a credit card or personal loan. In such a situation, you get annoyed and disconnect the phone and think that the number of marketing companies or banks can be blocked in the smartphone! But, if you have an iPhone or a stock Android smartphones, then you know how you can block a number.

How To Block Call On iPhone:

Blocking calls on iOS is easy. In iOS 7 or above, you follow these steps and block the calls:

Open the Settings app
General> Phone
Choose calls> Call blocking and identification> Block contact

If the contact is not saved in your list, then follow the below method:
Open the 'Recents' tab in the Phone app.
Tap on the 'i' icon appearing near the number.
Tap on 'Block this Caller' tab.

How to Block Calls on Android

Call blocking is also the process of some steps here. If stock Android is using pixel phones then you must have Android oreo. Learn about three ways that you can block calls on stock Android phones.

Open phone app
Tap on the three dot icons appearing in the top right corner
Choose settings and tap on Block Numbers
Now write the number that you want to block

If the phone number is not in your contact list then follow these steps:
>>Open phone app
>>Tap Recents
>>Select the number that you want to block
>>Select block / report spam

It is possible that the number directly blocked from within the Android message app on your phone:
Open the app and long press on the contact you want to block.
Now tap on the block icon that appears on the top right corner of the display
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