What Is an eSIM, and How Is It Different From a SIM Card?

- November 25, 2018
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No phone can be used without a SIM card. Sim card means Subscriber Identity Module. It's a small chip that keeps the smartphone user's information alive. In the last 3 to 5 years, the size of the SIM card has become smaller. We have been using Mini SIM for many years. After this the trend of micro and nano sim was started. At the same time, talking about the present, now eSIM has knocked. After the launch of the iPhone XS, people knew more about eSIM. Here we are giving you information about what eSIM is and what its benefits are.

What is eSIM?

eSIM is called Inboxed Subscriber Identity Module. This technique works through software. Earlier this technique was only used in Smartwatch. But this technology has now been introduced with new models of iPhones. Users will also be able to switch from one operator to another operator.

Learn its Benefits:

More security:

eSIM is embedded in the smartphone. It can not be separated from the phone. It means that your SIM card can never be lost. At the same time, every mobile has a different size SIM but there is no need to worry about eSIM.

Beneficial for Travelers:

Travelers will have the biggest advantage of eSIM. Standard SIM cards do not allow access to your number when roaming in other countries. In this way you can embed roaming eSIM in your phone. This will not even give you roaming charges. The most important thing is that eSIM will allow you to use it while traveling to another country.
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